Athlete of the Month July Coach Mitch Daniels

Athlete of the Month    Coach Mitch Daniels

Member since 1/2/2015
What were your experiences as an athlete before starting CF?

I played soccer, baseball and golf growing up. Around high school I got lazy though; I was leading a fairly sedentary lifestyle until I came here.

What was your first visit to CFR like?

Killer, lol. I was way more out of shape than I realized; I was sprawled across the floor of the office for about half an hour. Casey kept me going through the workout and encouraged me not to stop, though. I was very grateful for it at the time, even if I couldn’t immediately verbalize it.

What is your favorite WOD/Workout/Movement?

I love the Olympic Lifts along with Squats, Deadlifts and Presses.  Sprints and Rope Climbs are also up there at the top.  Thrusters and Double Unders can die, though.

What was your biggest Crossfit fear and how did you overcome it?

I didn’t really know much about Crossfit when I started, so I can’t say I was scared about anything in particular. Fear of the unknown more than anything. Once I realized how scalable Crossfit was, I ran with it.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

There are way too many cheat meals throughout my year… I suppose my top pick is pizza. Any kind.

Were you part of the Open this year? How did it go?

I did participate this year, and I had a lot of fun. I wish I could have done a few of the workouts Rx, but that’s what next year is for. I definitely want to do it again next year!!

Have you done any competitions and if so, tell us about it.

Only if you count being in the cheering section while others competed and did the actual work.

Finish this sentence, “Since starting at CFR, the biggest change is….”

I would say my self-confidence. Before I started here, I would never have ran a Spartan Race without everyone here staying after me to come run it, even if just for fun.

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