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We Live To Help Train You

We teach group classes designed to push you to and then safely past your limits while focusing on using correct form and technique every time we use any movement.  This allows these functional movements to transfer into our daily lives so we can function longer, lift more, and benefit from all components of CrossFit.

Functional Fitness


Correct Techniques


Your Goals

Here we believe in safe teaching methods and a strong sense of community because together we WILL accomplish more.   Lifestyles today stress us out and keep us overly busy.  At CrossFit Rekkr we want to make sure you can achieve your goals in the most effective, safe ways possible.  CrossFit employs short but intense workouts using functional movements, all of which are the keys to what make CrossFit so effective.


We always strive to be efficient in our workouts and skills.  This efficiency should be in our lives as well. We all have hectic lives in this world, so if you are going to stay healthy why spend hours every day at the gym not quite knowing what to do, running like a hamster and NOT achieving your fitness goals?

We are a community that will support and motivate you to reach those fitness goals.  Whether you’re an expert or stepping into the gym for the first time, you will find a strong support system and great group of individuals who are all here to work hard and have fun doing so!



Co-Owner/Head Coach
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
CrossFit Scaling Course
CrossFit Spot the Flaw
Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition
CrossFit Gymnastics

Favorite Exercise: Clean

Least Favorite: Thrusters (loathe is more accurate)

Favorite Cheat Meal: French Fries

Hobbies/Interests: Music, CrossFit, Medieval history, being outdoors, eating good food, cooking, bartending

Unusual Fact: Was a “professional” musician for many years of his life before CrossFit Rekkr

Education/Certifications: BM University of Tulsa, MM University of Missouri-Columbia

Having never been that healthy in early life and not really into sports, Casey one day woke up and realized a change needed to be made in his life. He began running obstacle course races but found that they, while fun, didn’t provide the type of change he needed. Shortly after this discovery, he was told about CrossFit. He went to his first WOD, got his butt handed to him, loved every minute of it, started CrossFit and hasn’t looked back since.

After a few years of CrossFit as an athlete and competitor at the local level in Orlando Casey found he had a talent for helping other CrossFit athletes become better and in 2014 CrossFit Rekkr was opened. He has modeled CrossFit Rekkr after what initially drew him into CrossFit focusing on the community of athletes and safety first mentality that is so important in CrossFit. His joy of history helped with the name as the term “rekkr” actually is a Viking word for warrior and Casey aims to instill that warrior spirit and mentality in all the athletes that join CFR.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Favorite Exercise: it’s a close race between overhead squats & tire flips

Least favorite: burpees

Favorite Cheat Meal: pretty much any bad carb

Hobbies/Interests: CrossFit, baking, shopping, movie, and hanging out with friends.

Unusual Fact: I had my tonsils removed in 6th grade, but one of them grew back.

Education: Bachelors in Family Science from Louisiana Tech University; Master of Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Born in raised in a small town in Louisiana, I left home for college and have enjoyed living different places ever since. I have struggled with my weight since I was a kid and really wasn’t all that active, in fact the only active sport I was involved in was dance for two short years. My weight struggles continued into middle and high school. To the point that the winter after I graduated high school I tipped the scales at 277 lb., mind you I’m only 5′ 2 “. I have tried pretty much every diet program and spent plenty of time trying the many different fitness routines. I always seem to fall off or get bored after about a year and gained everything and probably more than I lost back. I found CrossFit randomly. I was starting a new weight loss journey and had been in the “normal” gym for about 4 months. I was looking at Groupon one day and a CrossFit offer was on there. I’d never heard of it and after talking to a friend, she and I decided to try it out for a change up to my summer routine. After that summer I was hooked and couldn’t go back to normal gym. My biggest struggle is still my diet, but it has definitely changed and continues to improve. Something I repeat to myself often is its a “marathon not a sprint” give it the time and effort and you will see a difference guaranteed!


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFIt Scaling Course
CrossFit Spot the Flaw

Favorite Exercise: Squats

Least Favorite: Thrusters (they’re the instrument of Satan)

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Playing Saxophone, Golf, Weightlifting, CrossFit, Comic Book and Star Wars Movies.

Unusual Fact: Worked as a Sports Medicine Student Assistant while in college

Education/Certifications:BS, Health and Exercise Science (Furman University); ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

I guess you can call me a Greenville boy. I was born here, spent a few years in Oklahoma, and have been back in Greenville since 1998. Thankfully, I was taught from an early age to be active. I grew up playing Soccer, Baseball and Basketball, and I also ran track.  While I was in High School, I lifted weights with my friends, and then I went through my running phase in college.  I found CrossFit when I met back up with Casey and Esther after we all had left Oklahoma at different times.

So my first CrossFit workout was an eye-opening experience (Casey and I still laugh about it today). I got wiped out and was on the floor for about 30 minutes. I had gotten sedentary since I started working and it showed. I kept coming back, and I got better. I started doing things that I didn’t think I’d ever do. Since I started at Rekkr, I’ve ran multiple Spartan Races (so much cold water), learned some gymnastics, found Olympic lifting (my new favorite), and a lot more. There may be many things that you think you can’t do; stop by Rekkr and let us help you become better than you ever thought you could be!


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Favorite WOD/Exercise: Fought Gone Bad

Least Favorite WOD/Exercise: C2B

Favorite Cheat Meal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, because it’s like cheating adulthood at the same time

Hobbies/Interests: Rugby, reading, wine

Unusual Fact: I’ve successfully rowed a Class IV, only to flip the boat on a Class II, because…Murphys Law 🙂

Education/Certifications: BA in History, MBA Supply Chain

Originally from way out on the western coast (Oregon, ho!), I moved to SC in 2007, eventually finding my way to Greenville in 2013. I drove by Rekkr for about 6 weeks before finally coming in to “get my birthday suit tailored.” Of course, I sent my husband in a few days ahead to be my canary in the coal mine but then I was hooked.

My first experience with any sort of sport was Tae-kwon-do. I was… ok at it. Not fantastic, but it was a great experience. Once I went to college, the local martial arts club prided itself on being “non-contact”. Needless to say, I joined the rugby team instead and got a great introduction to the friend/family life that is team sports. After graduating, I missed that camaraderie but couldn’t find a good club to join. I’ve found that family/camaraderie again in the CrossFit world (despite CrossFit being an “individual” effort type of thing – it’s a team spirit event). You could definitely say that I’m hooked, especially now that I’ve joined the coaching realm. I love seeing our athletes figure out a new lift or technique and watching them PR the cr*p out of some workouts 🙂


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Favorite exercise: Thrusters and full body movement

Least Favorite: Rope climbs (they tear my skin up)

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza

Hobbies/Interests: CrossFit, hiking, shopping, wine, playing with my dog Cami, travel when we can

Unusual Fact: I used to be a DJ for a teen club. My DJ name was HuffmasterFlex.

Education/Certifications: BSN in nursing

I grew up in the Low Country Aka Summerville, SC. I’ve always enjoyed working out but nothing has captivated my attention for this long.  I have been doing CrossFit off and on since 2009, and I love the challenge to improve.  I love how CrossFit challenges how women should be viewed and that it’s acceptable to be strong. CrossFit has helped me become a more resilient and determined person and is the only workout where I can see progress physically and mentally. I am excited to share all that I’ve learned over the past years to help athletes become stronger, fitter, healthier and better themselves.

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