Kyle Roser Athlete of the Month May

Kyle Roser

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What were your experiences as an athlete before starting CF?     I played a lot of baseball and basketball growing up. I was on the crew team at Clemson, but that was a long time ago.  I would pick up running every now and then and even did a few 5Ks. I really hate running, though.

What was your first visit to CFR like?  I showed up with a group from the Red Shoe Society (it’s the Ronald McDonald House young professional group) for a class, just to see what it was like.  Coach Casey showed us how to push press, and he went easy on us.  I almost passed out during our warm-up.  I realized how out of shape I really was.

What is your favorite WOD/movement?  My favorite move is the rower, but I like pull ups and box jumps, too.  I’m looking forward to Murph this year.

What was your biggest CrossFit fear and how did you overcome it? My biggest fear in the beginning was being the worst athlete or last to finish a WOD.  Basically embarrassing myself in front of everyone at the Box.  After doing a few WODs where I really was the worst athlete and last to finish, I realized it’s not a big deal at all. Every single person there is encouraging, helpful, and positive no matter what.  I learned that CrossFit is all about challenging yourself.  I measure my success against myself, not if I do more than someone else.  But, it really helps to work out with some of the monsters at Rekkr.

What is your favorite cheat meal?  Cold cold beer if I can only pick one.

Were you part of the Open this year?  How did it go? I did compete in The Open.  This was my first experience participating in The Open and I learned a lot about what it is.  I completed a few of the workouts, and even tried to Rx a couple.  I feel better prepared to compete next year now that I know what to expect.

Have you done any competitions and if so, tell us about it.  No competitions for me outside of The Open this year.  I did win an adult spelling be recently. Does that count?  (He misspelled BEE  for this article.  EP)

Finish this sentence, “Since starting at CFR, the biggest change is…..”  …realizing how important fitness is to me.  I feel better, have more energy, pay more attention to what I eat and drink, and definitely have way less stress.  After a tough day at work I’d rather go to the Box than the bar.


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