Athlete of the Month December 2017

Athlete of the Month
Todd Soyars

Member since  January 2016


What were your experiences as an athlete before starting CF?
– Weight Lifting and running

What was your first visit to CFR like?
– I was nervous because of not knowing what to expect, but when I started the WOD all the nervousness went away.

What is your favorite WOD/Workout/Movement?
– I really don’t have a favorite because I like them all. So, if I had to chose then it would be….Murph / Fran / Bar Muscle Ups.

What was your biggest CrossFit fear and how did you overcome it?
– Injuring myself in any way that would seriously hinder me from playing with my children and working out again.

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Pineapple & ham pizza from Papa Johns

Were you part of the Open this year? How did it go?
– Yes. – It was a good challenge. I did better than I expected.

Have you done any competitions and if so, tell us about it.
Yes; Competed in CF Open, CF Team Series, On-line qualifier for Wodapalooza, and Ragnarok
– From all 4 competitions, I was able to measure my strengths, weaknesses, and endurance since competing last year.

Finish this sentence, “Since starting at CFR, the biggest change is….”
– that my over all fitness level is the best that it’s ever been

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