Athlete of the Month November 2017


Athlete of the Month

Ashley Densmore
Member since 1/4/2016

What were your experiences as an athlete before starting CF?  Primarily high school related (soccer and softball).  I was an only child, and Mom freaked out when I showed an interest in sports.  When I started playing, I quickly learned of my competitive nature.

What was your first visit to CFR like? Welcoming!

What is your favorite WOD/Workout/Movement?
Fight Gone Bad; whoops me more so than most.

What was your biggest Crossfit fear and how did you overcome it?  Still dealing with it.  Falling off of the rope and breaking my neck

What is your favorite cheat meal? Enchiladas, nachos, or anything chocolate.

Were you part of the Open this year? How did it go?
Yes, it was grueling, but I surprised myself a little. Have you done any competitions and if so, tell us about it.
Participated in the Paleo Challenge and lost!

Finish this sentence, “Since starting at CFR, the biggest change is….” 
My attitude.  Instead of “I can’t”, it’s “slow and steady …”

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