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Crossfit—Our CrossFit class is for everyone, no matter your skill level or age.  In these classes we participate in the Workout Of the Day and work on developing or perfecting a different skill. If you are dropping in for a class and have been doing CrossFit or coming in for the first time and have NEVER worked out or used weights, we will make sure you have a safe and fun CrossFit experience.



Gymnastics is currently on HOLD for August and September and will return again in October.

Not your typical childhood memories of gymnastics with cartwheels and rolling around on the mats. Often called GymNasty our gymnastics classes feature the general movements of our body in its most functional ways, most of which people sadly overlook. We work to build strength through movement and development of our bodies, skill and techniques through the fundamentals we learn, and then tie everything together to eventually have a completed product of pretty epic gymnastics skills. Most of these movements will be CrossFit based (pull-ups, handstands, muscle ups, etc.), but all have function in our daily lives. Because who really doesn’t want to miss their selfie of a handstand on top of a volcano?



Our Open Gym sessions are for MEMBERS ONLY. At these times the gym is, well…Open! Come in and work on anything. The music will be going and someone will be working so come in and practice your Olympic Lifts, perfect your muscle up, do a WOD, work on a new one rep max for your favorite lift, or whatever you’re in the mood for that day. Coaches will be on hand to help with any questions and maybe even working out themselves. This is not a class environment and while coaches may be available, they will not be “teaching” unless they are in a personal training session.



This is training for our newest members. Our On-Ramp training is four, one hour sessions designed to teach and familiarize the new athlete with the basics of CrossFit and get to know the box and a coach. When you sign up for membership at CrossFit Rekkr you MUST go through the On-Ramp program within two weeks of starting regular classes. (Unless you have previous CrossFit experience*)

This program is designed to teach you the nine foundational movements of CrossFit and to expose you to many of the movements and equipment you will be using. This class is for YOUR benefit and safety as well as the efficient use of class time for all athletes.

*If you are familiar with CrossFit and can demonstrate this knowledge, you do not have to take the On-Ramp class.


“Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up”

Dwayne Johnson


Olympic Lifting is currently on HOLD for August and September and will return again in October.

Our “Oly” class is designed to focus on technique and form while improving your Olympic lifts. We do not only do the Olympic lifts during the class, but use many different movements to supplement our technique and improve our lifts for all of our workouts. This is a great class to really fine tune your lifts and technique in addition to building up your lifts so come join “Loki’s Kilo Klub” and let’s pick stuff up!



Cardio/Endurance is currently on HOLD for August and September and will return again in October.

Designed to increase and push your cardiovascular performance to the next level.  While primarily running, these classes will include many various types of endurance based workouts to increase speed, power, VO2 max and lactate threshold while being fun and engaging.  These sessions will include drills to improve technique, mobility geared to enhance performance, and general Endurance WODs (intervals, tempo runs, tabata, EMOMs and time trials).  Be prepared for ANY type of cardio based movements and workouts.

*Modifications will be made for previous conditions/injuries that may limit an athlete (weak knees, weak ankles).



Strength Class is currently on HOLD for August and September and will return again in October.

In addition to the daily WODs, we feel that athletes can see larger gains in their overall workouts and maxes by adding additional training and programming for their various lifts.  For example, by improving a front squat your Fran time should drop because your thrusters will be more efficient.  In these Rekkr strength classes you will work your basic lifts for general and specific performance increases.  We will work off of our baseline max along with lifting heavy for short reps and lifting medium for volume to increase strength and capacity in the lift.



Interested in setting new personal records? Wanting to work on a specific movement or skill? Want to talk about a diet plan? Want to just work out one on one with a coach? Talk to any coach to see about personal training with them! They will be happy to help you achieve any of your goals! Coach Casey also uses his diploma in Exercise and Sports Nutrition to fine tune your diet and work with you to meet your nutritional goals.


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