Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong

Ever have that movement you just rock at? This movement is your jam and you can do it all day long and destroy every other person in the box with it. We are talking a leave them all behind, with no identifiable remains, smoke them so good at it.  Then during some WOD with that movement, your coach is suddenly tearing you apart? You rock this shit! It can’t be wrong! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! In the next few minutes, I’m going to go over some common mistakes you probably didn’t (or maybe you do) know you were doing.


Box Jumps – Land lightly at the top, don’t just slam onto the box

All Squats – Get lower. I promise it takes effort to be too low

HSPU, Dips – Start arms locked out, then get to the depth/height required

Power movements – Don’t focus on these. Do full movements (squat cleans, squat snatch, etc)

Snatch – Lock your elbows and tighten your shoulders, then stand up

Olympic lifts – Don’t pop the bar with your hips. This stops the bar and propels it in an arc upward.  Pull the bar into your hips and jump upward without losing energy.

Jerks – Just drop under that bar. Push it up a little and get under it. And don’t use your arms!

Cleans/snatches – Don’t bend your arms until you absolutely have to

Kettlebell swings – Don’t squat so low. And quit using your arms

Wall balls – Don’t use your arms! And keep the ball at chest/face height

Push press – Get your elbows up and don’t use your arms!
Thrusters/Wallballs – Focus on an explosive hip movement, to drive upwards

SDLHP – Use your hips and not your traps

Deadlift – You have to use your legs! Squat a little. And don’t arch your back!


Jump Rope – Hold your jump rope (speed cable) on the ends. Spin your wrist

Squats – Why are you putting your hands on your knees? Never squat with your knees first

Chalk – It’s for your hands, not the floor, or the rig, or the wall

Pushups – Those super fast awesome pushups you knocked out? You didn’t get your chest to the ground. All the way down, touching, your pec sweat on the ground down

Rowing – is a leg movement. Not a head-banging metal concert

-Never stand on your toes. You have no power and no balance.

-Don’t let a barbell rest on your hands/wrists

-Mobilize more

-Hungry? Eat more vegetables.

-When a coach is talking to you, it’s probably about something you should know. Listen to them. They probably know more than you.

-That totally awesome new clean PR you just slammed to the ground and screamed at? Yeah, you didn’t reach full hip extension. Don’t bail halfway up.

-Lock out your elbows when you lift overhead. You do it every day during life, do it during your lift too.

-Don’t throw your barbell forward when you lift overhead. Bring it straight up.

-That On-Ramp/Elements class is a benefit for YOU. If you don’t know about CrossFit, get your butt there to learn for your own sake.

-Class time is class time. Be there on time and expect to “pay the price” if you’re late.

-And for God’s sake, you don’t have to Rx everything. Scale if you need to. It’s not the end of the world and you will be okay.


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