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Are You Doing CrossFit or Are You Training?

We love CrossFit. It prepares us for anything and everything plus trains our bodies to be in top physical form. We love the competitive atmosphere and the community of friends and family who push us [...]

OMG, I’m #InTheOpen

I signed up for the CrossFit Open!!! Yay!!! Wait… Shit... Now what? I have no clue other than what my coach and fellow athletes have been telling me. They keep telling me it’s awesome and [...]

Squats and “Bad Knees”

As a coach, one of the most common things I hear from new athletes is, “I have bad knees.” I’d say about 80% of new people walking in the door tell me this. Then I [...]

Travel WODs

Ever been anywhere? Yeah most of us have. What happens if you can't drop in at a box for whatever reason?   Yeah so instead of doing NOTHING there are so many different Travel WODs [...]

Pull Up Progression for Better Strength

Pull-Up Program Baseline Test- Perform strict pull-ups for  a max of 5 reps. Work toward using the least assistance or heaviest weight able to complete correctly. All pull-ups must be done with correct form, reaching [...]

Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong

Ever have that movement you just rock at? This movement is your jam and you can do it all day long and destroy every other person in the box with it. We are talking a [...]

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